Datacenter Overview

All our client’s systems are located in our State-of-the-Art datacenter in Pittsburgh. We provide several layers of physical security, environmental control system, conditioned and redundant power, along with a fire suppression system.

Power System

Each server rack is wired with 3-Phase power. iServe Technologies receives 6000 amp 480 entrance from the local utility, Duquesne Light. The power is conditioned via 2 Best Power Unity UPS’s. In addition to the conditioning, the power UPS provides short-term backup power. In addition we have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that is located within a short distance of our generator and utility service entrance to minimize feeder lengths. Our data centers backup power source is 1.5MW generator with 1000 gallon fuel supply. Our power system is monitored 24×7.


iServe utilizes a closed loop Glycol System, 40 ton Airflow system rated at an output of 222,000 BTU/hour with 24×7 monitoring.

Fire Suppression

iServe Technologies’ datacenter is protected by a dry pipe pre-action fires suppression systems. The fire suppression system is monitored 24×7.


iServe Technologies utilizes a DS3 connection from Tier 1 provider Verizon Business (formally MCI) and a fiber connection from Level3 Communications. The Level3 connection has dual entrances to provide redundancy to our facility via sonnet ring.

Datacenter Access

Datacenter access is available 24/365. There are 5 secure access points prior to entering the datacenter. The security doors are controlled by a electronic locking system that is managed by iServe Technologies. Only iServe personnel have access to our floor and only technical personnel have access to the datacenter.

iServe Technologies only allows client personnel on record to gain access to the datacenter. The client will need to provide government issued identification prior to gaining access. An iServe employee shall escort any client personnel while in the datacenter.

Video Surveillance

iServe Technologies uses a Bosch Divar video surveillance system. There are 24 cameras covering all access points to the building, access points to iServe offices, datacenter and all critical areas. Additionally, several key areas such as access points to the datacenter, we employ infrared cameras.

All systems are inspected and tested on a regular basis by firms specializing in those specific areas.